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What is GamificationPublic Blog

It All Starts with Gamification

While you can consider the modern escape room as the new ‘fun house,’ their effectiveness as a team building exercise should not be overlooked in light of rising gamification across many workplaces. The core concept of gamification is that games are inherently more engaging. Most people assume that it’s because games are light and enjoyable. That is only partly true.…
Julia Billyard
25 February 2019
Team Building & Leadership TrainingPublic Blog

Escape Rooms and Office Rooms – Why They Are Alike

Escape rooms are one of the newer forms of urban attractions in the 21st century. They can be considered as the modern descendant of the interactive theater and fun house while blending elements from the puzzle mystery genre of video games. With that said, it might be hard to believe that such attractions have something in common with the real-life…
Julia Billyard
13 February 2019
Public Blog

Benefits of an Escape Room for Corporate Team Building

Are you an entrepreneur or manager looking for new and effective trends to boost your business? Are you striving to make a productive and co-operative team? An escape room is the ultimate solution to your problem. Using escape rooms for team-building is a relatively new trend.  It is becoming very popular with companies due to the long term benefits. An…
Julia Billyard
4 October 2018
Escape Room FunPublic Blog

We asked what is an Escape Room?

We encouraged people to provide their interpretation on what an Escape Room was! We have collated the information and put it together for you. What is an escape room? An Escape Room is a puzzle induced adventure room where participants try to discover how to escape before the time runs out. It is like a treasure hunting game where you…
Julia Billyard
19 September 2018
Public Blog

Sydney Hills Business Chamber

First year in trading A year later Darren and I have renewed our membership for the Sydney Hills Business Chamber.  We joined the Chamber before we even had an office to work from.  We knew that Escape Rooms was a relatively new concept in Australia.  So we thought it would be a good idea to join early to start the…
Julia Billyard
29 August 2018
Reverse Escape Room ExperiencePublic Blog

Reversing the Concept of an Escape Room

Elude Escape Rooms & Hands Across the Water Elude Escape Rooms have reversed the concept of an Escape Room and made some gorgeous Treasure Chests incorporating a 15-20 min escape the box experience. We are offering to all of our customers, to test your skills and see if you can Beat the Box.  We have these setup in our reception…
Julia Billyard
12 August 2018
Public Blog

Sponsorship – Hands Across the Water

Leadership Darren and Julia had the pleasure of hearing Peter Baines speak on Leadership a couple of years ago and heard his story of being involved in the Tsunami Disaster Victim Identification Team.  Peter was so inspiring, leaving a very successful career to take up the opportunity to help underprivileged children in Thailand that had lost their families in the…
Julia Billyard
5 August 2018
Escape Room GamesMasterPublic Blog

Escape Room GamesMaster in the making

One very happy Birthday Boy! We had the pleasure of having one of our repeat customers Luke come back as a GamesMaster for some of his family's game organised by his wonderful mother Belinda as a very special treat for Luke'e Birthday. We asked Luke if he would write a few words about his experience with us and this is…
Julia Billyard
3 June 2018
Escape Room Experience indoorsPublic Blog

Indoor things to do – Escape Room

What to do when the weather turns cold? Elude Escape Rooms are the perfect thing to experience.  They are indoors, so not effected by the cold or rain.  We take a group of friends, family or colleagues and take you through an escape room experience like no other. Having been greeted at Reception you are briefed on what to expect. …
Julia Billyard
28 May 2018
Elude Treasure ChestPublic Blog

Relay for Life – Cancer Council

Elude Escape Rooms are sponsoring Relay for Life As a company we wanted to be able to give back to the community and support a well known charity.  The Cancer Council.  With so many families effected by cancer every day, we hope that one day soon they will be able to find a cure for this life threatening condition. Elude…
Julia Billyard
6 May 2018
Stats and LeadersPublic Blog

Elude Escape Room Statistics

Some Statistics from our Rooms for those interested. Not counting all of our testers who have completed our rooms, but we thank you wholeheartedly for assisting us to develop and improve our rooms. Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion opened in November 2017. To date we have had 278 Escapees participate in Perpetual Motion.  Consisting of 70 Teams. 116 Escapee's managed to…
Julia Billyard
29 April 2018
Escape Room compared to Panic RoomPublic Blog

Is an Escape Room like a Panic Room?

Different Between an Escape Room and a Panic Room A safe room or panic room is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business.  It provides a safe shelter or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break-in, home invasion, tornado, terror attack, or other threat. Safe rooms usually contain communications equipment, so that law enforcement authorities…
Julia Billyard
22 April 2018
Common questions about Escape RoomsPublic Blog

Commonly asked Questions about Escape Rooms

I get asked a lot of questions about Escape Rooms so I thought I would answer a few here. How Many Different Rooms are there? We currently have 2 different themed rooms available Perpetual Motion and Framed, with plans to open 3 more in the immediate future.  Yin Yang is due to open around July. What is the Life of…
Julia Billyard
15 April 2018
What is an Escape RoomPublic Blog

What is an Escape Room?

I get asked all the time... What is an Escape Room? An escape room is an interactive and physical adventure / puzzle room.  We take you and a group of family, friends or colleagues.  Put you into a themed scenario, where you have a mission to find the clues, solve puzzles, unlock the padlocks or doors until you solve the…
Julia Billyard
11 April 2018
Public Blog

Framed – Taking Bookings Now

Grand Opening Easter Long Weekend We have been testing FRAMED now for the past week and have more testing planned. We believe it will be ready for customers on the long weekend of Easter.  Dates have been published on our website to book now. It has been incredibly rewarding putting this room together. Darren and I have put in some long…
Julia Billyard
21 March 2018
Public Blog

52 Ways Workshop

Best 1 Day workshop!!!! To top it off - it's even FREE!! I met Dale Beaumont at a Sydney Hill Business Chamber event last year. Everything he spoke about resonated with me and Dale invited us to attend his 52 Ways Workshop.  Dale runs these a couple of times a year all around Australia.  So there is no excuse you…
Julia Billyard
18 February 2018
Elissa, a happy customer, games mastering her friend's gamePublic Blog

GamesMaster for an hour!

Want to do what I do for an hour? GamesMaster an Escape Room! Elude have an exclusive offer available to room participants,.  If you want to come and watch the game you have already played and see your friends/family experience what you experienced. We already offer the same service to Corporate companies so that Team Leaders, Managers & HR can…
Julia Billyard
11 February 2018
Facebook Ads logo - with the blue and grey megaphone - Elude find this a great toolPublic Blog

Benefits of Facebook

MARKETING With all new businesses getting known within the area is always a challenge.  Marketing is a major key factor.  We have found Social Media especially Facebook to be a great tool and asset to our business. Our first challenge has been educating people on what an Escape Room is.   Which Facebook has helped to us get this information out…
Julia Billyard
29 January 2018
Julia and Darren at Mission Escape in PlymouthPublic Blog

Working together to Escape

Tips on how we complete rooms! Darren and I have often been asked tips on how we complete rooms.  So we thought we would give you a few things that have worked well for us.  We are not saying this is the only way it has just helps us get through our 60+ rooms. We learnt very early on that…
Julia Billyard
21 January 2018
Julia and Darren Elude Escape Rooms and Cameron Girdlestone at SHBCPublic Blog

Sydney Hills Business Chamber

Darren and I wanted to say a huge thanks to the Sydney Hills Business Chamber, we joined the Chamber before we even had an office to work from.  We knew that Escape Rooms was a relatively new concept in Australia.  So we thought it would be a good idea to join early to start the education process of what an…
Julia Billyard
7 January 2018
A photo of Julia and Darren with a clapperboard and in spy outfitsPublic Blog

Evolution of Elude Escape Rooms

Starting a new business has its challenges, let alone starting one that not many people have heard about before. Darren and Julia started Elude Escape Rooms in May this year whilst on an overseas trip to Europe visiting 7 countries (including locations such as Torquay, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Mussomeli, Malaga, Granada) where…
Julia Billyard
31 December 2017
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