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100+ Australian Escape Room Reviews


“…I have now been to 100 escape rooms across Australia.  I am so very pleased to report that both Framed and Perpetual Motion from Elude rank up there among some of my favourite rooms.”

Robot Head


“Here’s what we really liked about PERPETUAL MOTION”

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“there is a major element to this room that is off the charts, frickin’ awesome.  It is unlike anything that has been done in Australia (to my knowledge) – it is beyond brilliant and brings a smile to my face now just thinking about it”

“after having done almost 70 rooms at the time of writing this review, I can honestly say that there aren’t too many new rooms that we have tried that have brought something truly new to the escape room market.  I am uber happy to report that Elude have designed a room that is truly unique.  I really am dying to say more but I can’t”

“this room is well-designed and contains puzzles that are as clever and challenging as any of the best escape rooms in the city”

“the room is very family-friendly – there is nothing scary or dark at all about the room.”

“in addition to the uber awesome aspect of the room that I can’t talk about, there were a number of other puzzles in the room that were unlike anything we have seen in other Sydney rooms.  I love seeing new puzzles and new ideas in escape rooms”

Famed Wall Map


“Here’s what we really liked about FRAMED”

“the star element of both rooms is simply the room design and the quality of the puzzles therein…. with Framed you get a really well-designed space and a heap of clever and unique puzzles”

“there are so many puzzles packed into this room!  We were kept very busy for the entire escape room experience”

“It is really nice to see some creative puzzles, which is increasingly rare for my team given the number of rooms we have now been to”

“there are so many puzzles packed into this room!  We were kept very busy for the entire escape room experience”

“This kind of non-linear room really suits our team and more experienced players generally”

“…as always, my measure of a room is how much fun my team had. I am really pleased to report that as with Perpetual Motion, my team all really loved Framed.”

Reverse Escape Room Experience


“Here’s what we really liked about BEAT THE BOX”

“Beat the Box was was a really enjoyable escape room experience.  We used it as a warm up before we tried our hands at Framed – it was a great way of getting our brains into gear.”

“the box is very cleverly designed.  It contains a number of separate sections.  I was genuinely surprised at how many puzzles were crammed into the box”

 “I think the Beat the Box is the future of escape room corporate team building events.  Elude has a heap of Beat the Box boxes, which would allow them to come to a corporate team building day and host groups of 50 or more employees.”

“I highly recommend Beat the Box to any corporate teams who would like to try an escape room experience, but who would like the escape room to come to them.”

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