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    The trouble with reviewing an escape room is that it's like Fight Club...you do not talk about Fight Club. You do not talk about escape rooms.... or it totally gives away the awesomeness! And the Elude Perpetual Motion room has awesomeness by the bucketload. Not wanting to spoil any of the puzzles... but you'll be scratching your head and frantically trying to decode the myriad of riddles and clues all the time being watched over by the friendly Gamesmasters who will help you along with extra cryptic hints if you're getting stuck.
    Get in, find the capacitor, and get out within the hour... IF YOU CAN. It's a very clever theme and you won't be disappointed, no matter if you're an escape room rookie or an addict. This is our third room, one of our team was a total newbie, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for a tops experience!

    Emma Rose

    Had a ball. Great experience that challenged our group of 5. Well worth it and looking forward to the next challenge.

    Denis Ledwidge

    Great experience that challenged
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