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Team Building and Leadership Training

Ideal for Team Building, Christmas Parties, Socials and other work functions

We take your team away from their natural environment and place them into a themed scenario which encourages them to work together, communicate and solve problems whilst focussing on the main objective to Escape the Room.

Make your event a long-lasting impression on your team!

Take your Escape Room experience to the next level with high value and long-lasting outcomes for your team, providing better communication skills and improved conflict handling in the workplace.

Elude Escape Rooms offer different packages which can all be tailored to suit the specific needs of the business.

An example package can include the following:

      • Introductory Brief, which will cater for anyone who has not done an Escape Room before.
      • Escape Room experience for up to 6 players.
      • Team Photo
      • Refreshments
      • Puzzle profile questionnaire
      • In room, explanation of the puzzles and their objectives
      • Debrief highlighting key aspects of team work as witnessed by the GamesMasters

This session would run for approx. 3.5 hours.

Value for this package for 2-6 players would be $490 + GST

We can accommodate 2 concurrent packages, giving a total capacity of 12 participants at the one time.

Sessions can start at 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm or 6pm – Monday to Thursday


If you want more in-depth coaching, we offer a Leading Dimensions Profiling (LDP) service which requires each team member to complete an online questionnaire. This is reviewed by a trainer prior to your experience. The trainer will utilise this information as part of the debrief creating enhanced self-awareness of predominant communication and behaviour styles. It will also give participants knowledge on how to interact better with people who have different styles. Packages starting from $1,000.

For a quotation specific to the needs of your business, please call 8005 0077 or email Elude with your enquiry and we can assist you with a tailored event to suit your desired business outcomes.

Fantastic experience! Really well set up!

Bruce Manefield

So happy with our visit to Elude Escape Rooms. We had two teams, one in each room currently on offer at Elude. Both teams were very happy with their experience. DEFINITELY worth the trip out to these rooms.


Our teams will be going back soon to play the other room
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