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Wanted: Experienced enthusiasts to vote on their favourite escape roomsLee-Fay Low, Top Escape Rooms Project Ambassador for Australia With Australia’s borders open, many of us are taking interstate and international trips again. My go-to resource when planning travel is the Top Escape Rooms Project (TERPECA) website. TERPECAs is a list of enthusiast-nominated and voted best rooms internationally. Yes, I plan…
Catherine Salatandol
29 September 2023
Elude Escape RoomsPublic Blog

Elude Escape Rooms 2020 Year in Review

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of our customers for supporting us over the past 12 months.  This year has certainly been a challenge for everyone however it has also helped us grow our business to a whole new level. We started the year out with Bush Fires and to support those in need ran a competition and took…
Julia Billyard
1 January 2021
Escape Rooms Models of EmployeesPublic Blog

Escape Rooms as Models of Employee Fulfillment

In today’s working world, the definition of a self-fulfilled employee is one who has satisfactorily achieved work-life balance. But in reality, this has become less of a Golden Mean and more of a mythical Holy Grail that many pursue without ever actually obtaining. One of the reasons why is that the dichotomy of work versus life seems incomplete. There is…
Julia Billyard
29 June 2020
Conquering Escape RoomsPublic Blog

Conquering Escape Rooms with Quick Cooperation

The idea of using escape rooms as team building activities is no longer unheard of these days. However, that doesn’t make them any less challenging and surprising for employee teams. A lot of these rooms can have puzzles that seem so different from the challenges in the workplace. How does one group quickly adapt and coordinate to face such unexpected,…
Julia Billyard
29 February 2020
Brain HealthPublic Blog

Good Games for Good Thinking

While there is still a lot of research needed to really show how games improve your brain, there is certainly less doubt about their ability to do so. Thus, there is an increasing number of programs, apps and games being designed based on this research. The challenge now is to simply pick out the ones that have really made an…
Julia Billyard
22 February 2020
Brain HealthPublic Blog

The Curious Case of Brain Health and Gaming

Without a doubt, there has been a long, ongoing conversation about how games affect our brain. Whether it’s the controversy over video games and child development, or the impact of escape room activities on employee skills, much debate and discussion has been had on the connection itself. However, why is this so? Why do games, in particular, seem to have…
Julia Billyard
15 February 2020
Board GamesPublic Blog

Exciting Escape Room Games to Gift Your Holiday Introvert

Sometimes there are people in your life who really prefer staying indoors and use up too much energy going out (let alone join you for a fun, escape room escapade). Still, there’s no doubt that these friends of yours love games, love challenges and love adventure as long as they’re not forced to move around so much. Board games are…
Julia Billyard
7 January 2020
Puzzles, Challenging and FunPublic Blog

Visual Design Tricks

Everyone knows at least one puzzle that was actually harder than it looked. However, that sort of trick is used to characterise a wide range of problem-solving challenges that appear simple at first glance but are actually very hard to solve. The Rubik’s cube is one of the most well-known examples. Surprisingly though, this trope sees heavy use in other…
Julia Billyard
2 December 2019
Challenging Escape RoomsPublic Blog

Is Decor Distracting You from Solving Difficult Escape Room Challenges?

Many famous escape rooms take pride in the artistic handicraft poured into their rooms. They could be life-like recreations of antiques, impeccably designed furniture or clever special effects that all combine to create an immersive atmosphere that bring the rooms to life. However, it is still an escape room. There is a challenge to beat and at times, even flawless…
Julia Billyard
25 November 2019
Escape Room Experiences Energise TeamsPublic Blog

How Escape Room Experiences Energise Employees

When it comes to relaxation and re-energising, there are people who think that involves just sitting around doing nothing at all. And sure, there can be a case for saying that such types of relaxation can really restore energy and make you more productive in the long run. It’s similar to the importance of sleeping. Why do something even more…
Julia Billyard
20 October 2019
Escape Rooms and problem solvingPublic Blog

How Game Symbolism and Simplicity Teach Problem Solving

There is really no doubt that escape room challenges can teach business teams how to solve problems together. However, it also helps to understand exactly how these rooms do that by taking a look at their design. Take their use of symbolism, for example. Many rooms with various themes often incorporate a clever use of symbols that point to a…
Julia Billyard
18 September 2019
Escape Rooms teach great business lessonsPublic Blog

Escape Rooms Teach Great Business Lessons for Engaging Design

Design plays a critical role whether you work in business or the arts. Interestingly enough though, escape rooms are a great example of the two fields coming to use design as a major component for success. Hence, it might actually be a good idea to check out an escape room for ideas on how design is understood and executed. But…
Julia Billyard
13 September 2019
Thing to knowPublic Blog

Top Business Tips from Escape Room Entrepreneurs

Escape rooms are not just interesting avenues to challenge your employees’ teamwork skills. The business side of things can also be quite insightful. This comes from the fact that the market for this type of entertainment is still quite niche and trendy. That means there is no strong consensus on what always works. Many innovations and ideas about the escape…
Julia Billyard
25 August 2019
Team Building in the workplacePublic Blog

How to Propose and Plan Your New Team Building Idea

All right, suppose you have run a couple team building activities for your employees and the results have been more-or-less satisfying. Everyone had fun but at the same time, you built up good camaraderie and everyone had a better idea on how to work together. Despite that, you also think that there is always room for improvement and you want…
Julia Billyard
11 August 2019
Team Building with Elude Escape RoomsPublic Blog

Can the “Work is Work” Mindset Hinder Problem Solving?

The idea of using entertainment at work to boost productivity isn’t entirely new. Plenty of companies have already started, whether it’s via recreational spaces in the office, hosting team building activities in escape rooms or just relaxing restrictions on online browsing. Despite this, there are still those who have understandable reasons for going against this trend. The adage of “Work…
Julia Billyard
28 July 2019
Work Life BalancePublic Blog

Does Gamification Mess Up Work-Life Balance?

In a nutshell, gamification is understood as somehow combining the fun and engaging elements of games with tasks at work to help employees achieve more productivity. Whether it’s using escape rooms for team building activities, or task management tools with game design elements, it is a combination that seems clear to the common eye. However, some people might view this…
Julia Billyard
14 July 2019
Entertaining Team BuildingPublic Blog

The Value of Entertainment Inside Work

Many of the previous posts covered the idea that escape rooms are both entertaining while also being great activities that exercise the necessary teamwork and problem-solving skills of professionals. However, even the entertainment aspect can generate its own value for any business organisation. This has to do with the long and testy shift on the subject of fun times at…
Julia Billyard
7 July 2019
Team BuildingPublic Blog

Puzzles as Metaphors for Buy-Ins

In escape rooms, puzzles are the building blocks of their design, plus they are also the elements that obviously make them exciting and mind-challenging. However, there is also more to how these puzzles interact and these may even be a great way to simulate one of the most common yet most difficult challenges in the workplace: Getting buy-ins. In the…
Julia Billyard
26 May 2019
LeadershipPublic Blog

Turning Make Believe Traps Into Tests of Leadership

For the most part. It is actually not that hard to see how casual games, like escape room challenges can be used to test teams of working professionals. Also teach them how to better coordinate (no matter what their job may be). On the other hand, would it be also safe to say that these challenges can further test the…
Julia Billyard
12 May 2019
More than a fantasyPublic Blog

Roles Are More Than Just Fantasy

All team building activities are expected to enhance the skills of employees when it comes to defining goals and understanding how their roles play into achieving them. However, sometimes it can be difficult for newer employees when they have trouble understanding even the very basics of their role. This is often evident in individuals who are in need of more…
Julia Billyard
1 May 2019
Team Building Solid TeamsPublic Blog

Turning Friction into Friendship

In a workplace setting, friction is a natural occurrence. However, one of the things that make it difficult is that often goes unnoticed. A team building activity with an escape room is an excellent opportunity to detect subtle conflicts between employees, break the ice for newbies and overall lead to better team unity. But to truly see the advantages of…
Julia Billyard
8 April 2019
Secrets to SuccessPublic Blog

Secret Success of Team Building in Escape Rooms

Building a team around the Escape room is an ever-evolving trend that involves role-playing games, in case you didn’t know! Yes, you heard it right. You enter a themed room with a task to solve the room’s mystery within the stipulated time. When you solve the mystery or time runs out, the experience is over. Venue for your Experience Elude…
Julia Billyard
25 March 2019
Achieve Goals with Escape RoomsPublic Blog

Defining Roles that Achieve Goals

Would it surprise you to know that both games and real-life workplaces emphasize the importance of roles? As stated in a previous post. You can see the similarities if you simply take off the aesthetics differentiating a play environment from the one at work. Whether it is escape rooms, role-playing games or sports, many of these avenues of recreation inherently…
Julia Billyard
11 March 2019
What is GamificationPublic Blog

It All Starts with Gamification

While you can consider the modern escape room as the new ‘fun house,’ their effectiveness as a team building exercise should not be overlooked in light of rising gamification across many workplaces. The core concept of gamification is that games are inherently more engaging. Most people assume that it’s because games are light and enjoyable. That is only partly true.…
Julia Billyard
25 February 2019
Team Building & Leadership TrainingPublic Blog

Escape Rooms and Office Rooms – Why They Are Alike

Escape rooms are one of the newer forms of urban attractions in the 21st century. They can be considered as the modern descendant of the interactive theater and fun house while blending elements from the puzzle mystery genre of video games. With that said, it might be hard to believe that such attractions have something in common with the real-life…
Julia Billyard
13 February 2019
Public Blog

Benefits of an Escape Room for Corporate Team Building

Are you an entrepreneur or manager looking for new and effective trends to boost your business? Are you striving to make a productive and co-operative team? An escape room is the ultimate solution to your problem. Using escape rooms for team-building is a relatively new trend.  It is becoming very popular with companies due to the long term benefits. An…
Julia Billyard
4 October 2018
Escape Room FunPublic Blog

We asked what is an Escape Room?

We encouraged people to provide their interpretation on what an Escape Room was! We have collated the information and put it together for you. What is an escape room? An Escape Room is a puzzle induced adventure room where participants try to discover how to escape before the time runs out. It is like a treasure hunting game where you…
Julia Billyard
19 September 2018
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