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Why Puzzle Gifts Are Great Holiday Presents for Productive Employees

Puzzles for Gift Ideas

All right, so you’ve had a good year and a lot of it has to do with some of the most productive employees just blazing through every hurdle and tackling every problem that gets in the way of company objectives.

Normally, most business owners would think to reward them with a bonus, an extra day off. But while these are all well and good, there’s no harm topping it all off with something that can enhance their work experience.

This might surprise you but the gift of a puzzle might just be it.

Now, you might be wondering if this refers to a jigsaw puzzle or a puzzle game but it can be other things beyond that. What matters though, is that you want this gift to impart something valuable to your employees that help them in their work.

Here are just a couple examples to illustrate:

1. Puzzle Toys and Arcade Recreation Rooms

Recreation rooms are becoming quite a staple in the office but what exactly distinguishes the best? A lot of them include wide open spaces, relaxing games like mini-golf, pool or even a refurbished arcade box. Some also have a nice stack of puzzle toys or board games that employees can enjoy together.

Notice how all the activities are directly related to engaging the mind, followed by the simple pleasure of winning or beating the puzzle. That is the inherent nature of all games, regardless of genre, form or medium. It is like the compact version of what makes work satisfying, where they go in to do something and are rewarded for their efforts.

2. Escape Room Team Building

As previously discussed, escape room establishments have seen increasing use as team building sites for a very good reason. They are not only entertaining, but also provide avenues to test your employees capacity for teamwork and leadership. Every puzzle is designed to be solved through the combined efforts of different members, not just one!

Furthermore, much like other effective team building activities, they make employees more aware of their role and reinforce a culture of cooperation. It is not enough to work hard at what you do in today’s workplace. It is about how well you see your work as part of a larger solution to a company’s challenges. The themes and design concepts can even be used to further illustrate the means to tackle obstacles that employees encounter on the job.

In either of these examples, employees are given something that does more than just de-stress them or provide opportunities to not think about work. You are not just giving them some branded token that they then just set aside, put on display at their desk and then eventually ignore for the rest of the year..

Making gifts out of puzzles, games and activities is about giving them entertaining exercises of the mind. They show to employees that it is not entirely impossible to both have fun and to use the faculties that make high productivity possible.

And as such, they make for great gifts for the holidays!

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