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Missing the Escape Room Experience?

Try an online escape room experience from the comfort of your home.
Play by yourself or with a team.

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Unique code can be used immediately and is valid for 12 months.

Continue at any Time

Unique code will resume the game where you left off.  

Play with Friends

Share your unique code to play together. 

Online Game Order Process


Can I play on a mobile device?

No – the games are not suitable for mobile devices.

Do I need to play as soon as I purchase the game?

No – you can play at your leisure, the code does not expire.

Duration of Game?

The duration of the game is approx. 1 hour, depending on hints and how many players

Do I have to play the game in one session?

No. If you need to stop the game, that is OK, you can just re-enter your code and it will pick up where you left off.

How long does my code last for?

The code will last until you have completed the game.

Can I play with friends?

Yes you can send the unique code to your friends and you can play along together. When one player solves a puzzle and advances to the next scene, the other players automatically go with them.

Can I purchase for someone else?

Yes you can purchase the game and then email them the link to play the game.

What if I need help?

There are hints available throughout the games.  Back to Congressman you will also be emailed a link to an extra online hint system once you purchase the game.

Is there a time limit?

No – we estimate the game will take approx. 1 hour, but you can take as long as you need.

Can I play solo?

Yes or you can ask some friends to join you.

If the internet is slow or the game stops what can I do?

Firstly try reloading the page.

Then check your internet connection speed. ( ). Average download speed for Australia is about 25 Mbps.

If you experience a lag between different players, then try turning off video conferencing and just use voice to communicate. Ideally run your VoIP on a different device and on a different internet source e.g. a mobile on 4G. This should free up some of the band width of your computer.

If none of the above work then feel free to call us and we will do our best to assist.  We can reset the scene to see if this clears any faults but we are unable to resolve issues due to hardware or poor internet connections.