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Elude Escape Rooms 2020 Year in Review

Elude Escape Rooms

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of our customers for supporting us over the past 12 months.  This year has certainly been a challenge for everyone however it has also helped us grow our business to a whole new level.

We started the year out with Bush Fires and to support those in need ran a competition and took two of our amazing customers to the Fire Fight Concert.

Then COVID-19 hit.

Suddenly going from January being our busiest month on record to a negative income as we refunded many forward bookings.

We realised that we had to source another income and designed and developed Mystery Mail, a puzzle pack that got posted to your family or friends. However, they had no idea that you sent it to them until they solved all the puzzles and put their answer into a webpage that revealed your personal message and identity.


We launched Traveller’s Tales in April selling out of the first 50 in no time at all. We have gone on to produce another 5 different packs, Enchanted Forest, Robot Madness, Birthday Bash, Between the Spreadsheets and Santa’s Helpers.

Meanwhile, our friends in the industry in Germany and Austria developed online games through our booking system QuinGames and we were able to launch these in Australia to our customers.


We also introduced a professional online shopping system on our website which allowed us to stock various forms of games and puzzles from the Exit Series, Unlock, Escape the Room right down to Cryptex, Metal Puzzles and Mystery based Jigsaw puzzles.

We are constantly adding to our online shop, so check in regularly for new products and releases.  All items can be posted or collected from Elude in Galston.


Throughout the whole year we worked with our Town Planner and managed to secure the approval of Council to build our next 4 escape rooms and a CARPARK!!!.  Darren and I will be busy trying to get these built and open for you to enjoy.

We also launched Escape Rooms Australia e-Magazine (ERA).  Knowing how many fellow escape room owners were struggling through COVID, we seized the opportunity to help promote the industry as a whole across Australia by publishing bi-monthly e-Mag all things escape room related.

We would like to recognise the dedication of our staff, who have stuck with us during these difficult times, stepping up to the plate and taking on other duties to help us through.  Thankyou Emma, Catherine, Michelle, Loren and Jason for everything you have done this year, we couldn’t have done it without you.

With an extra special mention to Emma for making herself available extra hours to help produce all of our Mystery Mail packs; you are one amazing woman.  We would like to wish Emma every success with her PhD which she started this year, after successful completion of her Masters in Forensic Science.

We would like to wish everyone an amazing New Year and hope that 2021 brings lots of new escape rooms as we are running out of them to do now!!

Julia & Darren


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