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Experienced enthusiasts to vote on their favourite escape rooms
Lee-Fay Low, Top Escape Rooms Project Ambassador for Australia

With Australia’s borders open, many of us are taking interstate and international trips again. My go-to resource when planning travel is the Top Escape Rooms Project (TERPECA) website. TERPECAs is a list of enthusiast-nominated and voted best rooms internationally. Yes, I plan my travel around escape rooms, that’s normal behaviour right?
Last year twenty Australian rooms were nominated in TERPECA Phase 1, and it’s a great ‘should play’ list of games and companies. We’re excitedly planning a trip to Spain where there appears to be a concentration of highly rated games.
This is the fourth year of the TERPECAs, and nominators need to have a played 200+ escape rooms (including live online games) and voters 100+ rooms. If you have played 50 rooms please get your application to vote in before 1st October and you’ll be considered under last year’s required minimum. These requirements mean that as enthusiasts you know that the recommendations are the views by experienced players.
Australian rooms were probably under-represented in the 2021 TERPECAs because last year we only had seven voters. If you love Australian escape rooms and qualify to nominate or vote, please apply, we need you! This video walks you through the application process. It’s a satisfying feeling contributing to this international resource with other enthusiasts.
The TERPECAs were set up by Rich Bragg and a group of international enthusiasts who were unimpressed by many of the ‘best escape room’ lists which seemed to be random or popularity contests.
If you have questions please reach us through the TERPECA website.
As you can guess I’m really excited for this year’s awards!

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