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Working together to Escape

Julia and Darren at Mission Escape in Plymouth

Tips on how we complete rooms!

Darren and I have often been asked tips on how we complete rooms.  So we thought we would give you a few things that have worked well for us.  We are not saying this is the only way it has just helps us get through our 60+ rooms.

We learnt very early on that communication was the biggest key factor. It was no point in finding an object, padlock, key or combination lock and keeping it to yourself.  If we both have clear objectives on what we had found. Or what we were looking for, it made us much more productive.

Having done so many rooms we have experienced a vast array of puzzles and it helped us to learn a lot about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, not that this is a problem, it just meant we knew which person in our team would tackle a certain puzzle.  ie: I know I am not brilliant at maths so if I came across a maths puzzle I would immediately ask Darren to look at it.

We also found that working together on a puzzle moved us along quicker than breaking up and doing our own thing.  Searching definitely break up, but two minds are better than one. Often your mind is focused on what you think is the way to solve a puzzle.  Then someone else walks up and has a completely different view, which has been the correct answer.

We also found you get excited when you find a clue or item hidden that you don’t always read the clue properly.  You may briefly read it, take something from it but miss something very important.  Clues are given for a reason so read them thoroughly.  Same with finding an object after you open up a lock, don’t always assume that the first thing you see is the only thing inside the box/safe etc.  Check it thoroughly.

If you feel like you are stuck, stand back work out what you have used in the room and what you haven’t. Re-look at the last clue you opened, quite often rooms are linear and you may have missed something at the last point.

Lastly but most importantly

HAVE FUN.  Its not always about Escaping in time – Its also about the Game Play.

One of our first rooms was a with Mission Escape in Plymouth the room was Holborn Street Theatre Tragedy, even though there was no high tech in the room, the decor was fairly plain and I wouldn’t say cost a lot to setup, but the game play was excellent.  We loved the experience escaping with 1 second to spare.

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