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Indoor things to do – Escape Room

Escape Room Experience indoors

What to do when the weather turns cold?

Elude Escape Rooms are the perfect thing to experience.  They are indoors, so not effected by the cold or rain.  We take a group of friends, family or colleagues and take you through an escape room experience like no other.

Having been greeted at Reception you are briefed on what to expect.  Given some basic rules and safety guidelines and some tips for beginners to help you along your way.

We then take you to your Escape Room where you will receive a video introduction, outlining the story and mission for the room before you count down timer begins.

Your mission is to search the room, find any clues, solve puzzles, reveal any secrets to escape the room before time runs out.

At the completion of your escape room, the gamesmaster will walk you back through the room, explain any puzzles that you might not have understood, brief you on how your team went with different aspects of the game.

A team photo will be taken for your group, so you can share the fun times you had with us.  (Shhh don’t give away any answers or secrets – you don’t want to spoilt it for anyone else).

Tea/Coffee and cold drinks are available in the reception area for your benefit.

We hope you all enjoy the experience, so much so that we offer 100% money back guarantee that you will.

So if you haven’t tried our escape rooms yet I suggest you book now 


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