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What is an Escape Room?

What is an Escape Room

I get asked all the time… What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an interactive and physical adventure / puzzle room.  We take you and a group of family, friends or colleagues.  Put you into a themed scenario, where you have a mission to find the clues, solve puzzles, unlock the padlocks or doors until you solve the final solution to complete the room or Escape!

Puzzles involve things such as;

  • Maths
  • Logic
  • Reasoning
  • Measuring
  • Weighing
  • Counting
  • Building / Assembly
  • Manoeuvering objects

Some of these things require team work to solve, so working together and communicate with your team to achieve your goal.

Nothing in the rooms require outside knowledge, all the tools and information you need to complete the room are provided in the room for you, or its general information.

Our objective as GamesMasters is for you to enjoy the experience and complete the whole game, even though you only have 60 minutes to complete the room.  We are there to provide you will helpful hints to keep you moving through the game.

We take you away from in front of computer screens or board games and make the experience challenging, however rewarding as you complete tasks along the way.

Every Escape Room you complete is different from various themes like Private Investigator and Mechanical Engineering and all the puzzles are designed around the theme of the rooms.

After 10 minutes in the room you are so immersed in the game you forget about the outside world for that hour.

We find the best Escape Rooms are the ones designed by Enthusiasts themselves, they appreciate the game play, the flow of the game and the immersion into the story and delivery on all counts in their own rooms.

If you haven’t tried an Escape Room we recommend you give it a go, you have nothing to lose – well especially with us we offer a 100% Guarantee.

So click here and book your experience now.



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