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Julia Billyard

What is an Escape Room
What is an Escape Room? Public Blog

What is an Escape Room?

I get asked all the time... What is an Escape Room? An escape room is an interactive and physical adventure / puzzle room.  We take you and a group of family, friends or colleagues.  Put you into a themed scenario, where you have a mission to find the clues, solve puzzles, unlock the padlocks or doors until you solve the…
Julia Billyard
11 April 2018
Framed – Taking Bookings Now Public Blog

Framed – Taking Bookings Now

Grand Opening Easter Long Weekend We have been testing FRAMED now for the past week and have more testing planned. We believe it will be ready for customers on the long weekend of Easter.  Dates have been published on our website to book now. It has been incredibly rewarding putting this room together. Darren and I have put in some long…
Julia Billyard
21 March 2018
52 Ways Workshop Public Blog

52 Ways Workshop

Best 1 Day workshop!!!! To top it off - it's even FREE!! I met Dale Beaumont at a Sydney Hill Business Chamber event last year. Everything he spoke about resonated with me and Dale invited us to attend his 52 Ways Workshop.  Dale runs these a couple of times a year all around Australia.  So there is no excuse you…
Julia Billyard
18 February 2018
Elissa, a happy customer, games mastering her friend's game
GamesMaster for an hour! Public Blog

GamesMaster for an hour!

Want to do what I do for an hour? GamesMaster an Escape Room! Elude have an exclusive offer available to room participants,.  If you want to come and watch the game you have already played and see your friends/family experience what you experienced. We already offer the same service to Corporate companies so that Team Leaders, Managers & HR can…
Julia Billyard
11 February 2018
Facebook Ads logo - with the blue and grey megaphone - Elude find this a great tool
Benefits of Facebook Public Blog

Benefits of Facebook

MARKETING With all new businesses getting known within the area is always a challenge.  Marketing is a major key factor.  We have found Social Media especially Facebook to be a great tool and asset to our business. Our first challenge has been educating people on what an Escape Room is.   Which Facebook has helped to us get this information out…
Julia Billyard
29 January 2018
Julia and Darren at Mission Escape in Plymouth
Working together to Escape Public Blog

Working together to Escape

Tips on how we complete rooms! Darren and I have often been asked tips on how we complete rooms.  So we thought we would give you a few things that have worked well for us.  We are not saying this is the only way it has just helps us get through our 60+ rooms. We learnt very early on that…
Julia Billyard
21 January 2018
A photo of Julia and Darren with a clapperboard and in spy outfits
Evolution of Elude Escape Rooms Public Blog

Evolution of Elude Escape Rooms

Starting a new business has its challenges, let alone starting one that not many people have heard about before. Darren and Julia started Elude Escape Rooms in May this year whilst on an overseas trip to Europe visiting 7 countries (including locations such as Torquay, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Paris, Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome, Mussomeli, Malaga, Granada) where…
Julia Billyard
31 December 2017
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