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Elude Escape Rooms 2020 Year in Review

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of our customers for supporting us over the past 12 months.  This year has certainly been a challenge for everyone however it has also helped us grow our business to a whole new level. We started the year out with Bush Fires and to support those in need ran a competition and took…
Julia Billyard
1 January 2021
Book Cipher

Book Ciphers

One of the most exciting elements about an escape room experience is that it introduces people to the world of cryptography. After all, solving an escape room challenge is more than just about finding clues and hidden switches. Ciphers and secret codes also play major, if not pivotal, roles! In fact, whether you’ve encountered them in live escape rooms or…
Julia Billyard
9 August 2020
Conquering Escape Rooms
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Conquering Escape Rooms with Quick Cooperation

The idea of using escape rooms as team building activities is no longer unheard of these days. However, that doesn’t make them any less challenging and surprising for employee teams. A lot of these rooms can have puzzles that seem so different from the challenges in the workplace. How does one group quickly adapt and coordinate to face such unexpected,…
Julia Billyard
29 February 2020
Puzzles, Challenging and Fun
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Visual Design Tricks

Everyone knows at least one puzzle that was actually harder than it looked. However, that sort of trick is used to characterise a wide range of problem-solving challenges that appear simple at first glance but are actually very hard to solve. The Rubik’s cube is one of the most well-known examples. Surprisingly though, this trope sees heavy use in other…
Julia Billyard
2 December 2019
Escape Room Experiences Energise Teams
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How Escape Room Experiences Energise Employees

When it comes to relaxation and re-energising, there are people who think that involves just sitting around doing nothing at all. And sure, there can be a case for saying that such types of relaxation can really restore energy and make you more productive in the long run. It’s similar to the importance of sleeping. Why do something even more…
Julia Billyard
20 October 2019
Escape Rooms teach great business lessons
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Escape Rooms Teach Great Business Lessons for Engaging Design

Design plays a critical role whether you work in business or the arts. Interestingly enough though, escape rooms are a great example of the two fields coming to use design as a major component for success. Hence, it might actually be a good idea to check out an escape room for ideas on how design is understood and executed. But…
Julia Billyard
13 September 2019
Thing to know
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Top Business Tips from Escape Room Entrepreneurs

Escape rooms are not just interesting avenues to challenge your employees’ teamwork skills. The business side of things can also be quite insightful. This comes from the fact that the market for this type of entertainment is still quite niche and trendy. That means there is no strong consensus on what always works. Many innovations and ideas about the escape…
Julia Billyard
25 August 2019
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