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Julia Billyard

Team Building with Elude Escape Rooms
Can the “Work is Work” Mindset Hinder Problem Solving? Public Blog

Can the “Work is Work” Mindset Hinder Problem Solving?

The idea of using entertainment at work to boost productivity isn’t entirely new. Plenty of companies have already started, whether it’s via recreational spaces in the office, hosting team building activities in escape rooms or just relaxing restrictions on online browsing. Despite this, there are still those who have understandable reasons for going against this trend. The adage of “Work…
Julia Billyard
28 July 2019
Work Life Balance
Does Gamification Mess Up Work-Life Balance? Public Blog

Does Gamification Mess Up Work-Life Balance?

In a nutshell, gamification is understood as somehow combining the fun and engaging elements of games with tasks at work to help employees achieve more productivity. Whether it’s using escape rooms for team building activities, or task management tools with game design elements, it is a combination that seems clear to the common eye. However, some people might view this…
Julia Billyard
14 July 2019
Team Building
Puzzles as Metaphors for Buy-Ins Public Blog

Puzzles as Metaphors for Buy-Ins

In escape rooms, puzzles are the building blocks of their design, plus they are also the elements that obviously make them exciting and mind-challenging. However, there is also more to how these puzzles interact and these may even be a great way to simulate one of the most common yet most difficult challenges in the workplace: Getting buy-ins. In the…
Julia Billyard
26 May 2019
More than a fantasy
Roles Are More Than Just Fantasy Public Blog

Roles Are More Than Just Fantasy

All team building activities are expected to enhance the skills of employees when it comes to defining goals and understanding how their roles play into achieving them. However, sometimes it can be difficult for newer employees when they have trouble understanding even the very basics of their role. This is often evident in individuals who are in need of more…
Julia Billyard
1 May 2019
Team Building Solid Teams
Turning Friction into Friendship Public Blog

Turning Friction into Friendship

In a workplace setting, friction is a natural occurrence. However, one of the things that make it difficult is that often goes unnoticed. A team building activity with an escape room is an excellent opportunity to detect subtle conflicts between employees, break the ice for newbies and overall lead to better team unity. But to truly see the advantages of…
Julia Billyard
8 April 2019
Achieve Goals with Escape Rooms
Defining Roles that Achieve Goals Public Blog

Defining Roles that Achieve Goals

Would it surprise you to know that both games and real-life workplaces emphasize the importance of roles? As stated in a previous post. You can see the similarities if you simply take off the aesthetics differentiating a play environment from the one at work. Whether it is escape rooms, role-playing games or sports, many of these avenues of recreation inherently…
Julia Billyard
11 March 2019
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