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Team Work

John Drury,

Team Work – Behavioural Expert – John Drury

Elude Escape Rooms at Galston 5 Star Review on Google I have taken two of my business clients through the Elude escape rooms at Galston. As a behavioural expert it is fascinating to observe how the different personalities in a team work together, or not.  The escape room puzzles are a great opportunity for a team to learn about themselves…
18 August 2018
Elissa, a happy customer, games mastering her friend's game
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GamesMaster for an hour!

Want to do what I do for an hour? GamesMaster an Escape Room! Elude have an exclusive offer available to room participants,.  If you want to come and watch the game you have already played and see your friends/family experience what you experienced. We already offer the same service to Corporate companies so that Team Leaders, Managers & HR can…
Julia Billyard
11 February 2018
Julia and Darren at Mission Escape in Plymouth
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Working together to Escape

Tips on how we complete rooms! Darren and I have often been asked tips on how we complete rooms.  So we thought we would give you a few things that have worked well for us.  We are not saying this is the only way it has just helps us get through our 60+ rooms. We learnt very early on that…
Julia Billyard
21 January 2018
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