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Team Work – Behavioural Expert – John Drury

John Drury,

Elude Escape Rooms at Galston

5 Star Review on Google

I have taken two of my business clients through the Elude escape rooms at Galston. As a behavioural expert it is fascinating to observe how the different personalities in a team work together, or not.  The escape room puzzles are a great opportunity for a team to learn about themselves – who steps up to lead, the power of the quiet observant person, the problem solver who can think outside the box, and those that can decipher and follow instructions.  It is also interesting to watch the emotional journey, who gets frustrated easily, who gives up, who can persist.  The opportunity to debrief from a shared experience like this is valuable to any team that wants to learn and grow and become better.

I strongly recommend Elude Escape Rooms. Darren and Julia are excellent hosts who have great people skills.

John Drury.

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