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Hands Across the Water

Reverse Escape Room Experience
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Reversing the Concept of an Escape Room

Elude Escape Rooms & Hands Across the Water Elude Escape Rooms have reversed the concept of an Escape Room and made some gorgeous Treasure Chests incorporating a 15-20 min escape the box experience. We are offering to all of our customers, to test your skills and see if you can Beat the Box.  We have these setup in our reception…
Julia Billyard
12 August 2018
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Sponsorship – Hands Across the Water

Leadership Darren and Julia had the pleasure of hearing Peter Baines speak on Leadership a couple of years ago and heard his story of being involved in the Tsunami Disaster Victim Identification Team.  Peter was so inspiring, leaving a very successful career to take up the opportunity to help underprivileged children in Thailand that had lost their families in the…
Julia Billyard
5 August 2018
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52 Ways Workshop

Best 1 Day workshop!!!! To top it off - it's even FREE!! I met Dale Beaumont at a Sydney Hill Business Chamber event last year. Everything he spoke about resonated with me and Dale invited us to attend his 52 Ways Workshop.  Dale runs these a couple of times a year all around Australia.  So there is no excuse you…
Julia Billyard
18 February 2018
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