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Elude Escape Rooms


Ecco Shoes Pacific

Ecco Shoes were up for a Challenge We were looking for a unique team building opportunity for a company outing. The Elude escape rooms provide a fantastic, challenging and fun team building exercise! We would definitely recommend this to anyone. There are several scenarios to choose to escape from. We tried both the "perpetual motion” room and the "framed” room.…
26 August 2018

Team Work – Behavioural Expert – John Drury

Elude Escape Rooms at Galston 5 Star Review on Google I have taken two of my business clients through the Elude escape rooms at Galston. As a behavioural expert it is fascinating to observe how the different personalities in a team work together, or not.  The escape room puzzles are a great opportunity for a team to learn about themselves…
18 August 2018

TBC – Back to Back

SO MUCH FUN!!!! We did both Perpetual Motion and Framed at Elude and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Both rooms had incredible set design, attention to detail and clever puzzles which made these rooms so much fun. The debrief at the end was the best as our game-masters spent a good hour talking us through all the detailed aspects of…
11 August 2018
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Elude Escape Room Statistics

Some Statistics from our Rooms for those interested. Not counting all of our testers who have completed our rooms, but we thank you wholeheartedly for assisting us to develop and improve our rooms. Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion opened in November 2017. To date we have had 278 Escapees participate in Perpetual Motion.  Consisting of 70 Teams. 116 Escapee's managed to…
Julia Billyard
29 April 2018
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