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Visual Design Tricks

Everyone knows at least one puzzle that was actually harder than it looked. However, that sort of trick is used to characterise a wide range of problem-solving challenges that appear simple at first glance but are actually very hard to solve. The Rubik’s cube is one of the most well-known examples. Surprisingly though, this trope sees heavy use in other…
Julia Billyard
2 December 2019
John Drury,

Team Work – Behavioural Expert – John Drury

Elude Escape Rooms at Galston 5 Star Review on Google I have taken two of my business clients through the Elude escape rooms at Galston. As a behavioural expert it is fascinating to observe how the different personalities in a team work together, or not.  The escape room puzzles are a great opportunity for a team to learn about themselves…
18 August 2018
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