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Turning Make Believe Traps Into Tests of Leadership

For the most part. It is actually not that hard to see how casual games, like escape room challenges can be used to test teams of working professionals. Also teach them how to better coordinate (no matter what their job may be). On the other hand, would it be also safe to say that these challenges can further test the…
Julia Billyard
12 May 2019
Achieve Goals with Escape Rooms
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Defining Roles that Achieve Goals

Would it surprise you to know that both games and real-life workplaces emphasize the importance of roles? As stated in a previous post. You can see the similarities if you simply take off the aesthetics differentiating a play environment from the one at work. Whether it is escape rooms, role-playing games or sports, many of these avenues of recreation inherently…
Julia Billyard
11 March 2019
What is Gamification
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It All Starts with Gamification

While you can consider the modern escape room as the new ‘fun house,’ their effectiveness as a team building exercise should not be overlooked in light of rising gamification across many workplaces. The core concept of gamification is that games are inherently more engaging. Most people assume that it’s because games are light and enjoyable. That is only partly true.…
Julia Billyard
25 February 2019
Team Building & Leadership Training
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Escape Rooms and Office Rooms – Why They Are Alike

Escape rooms are one of the newer forms of urban attractions in the 21st century. They can be considered as the modern descendant of the interactive theater and fun house while blending elements from the puzzle mystery genre of video games. With that said, it might be hard to believe that such attractions have something in common with the real-life…
Julia Billyard
13 February 2019
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