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Almost escaped in time

TBC – Back to Back

SO MUCH FUN!!!! We did both Perpetual Motion and Framed at Elude and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Both rooms had incredible set design, attention to detail and clever puzzles which made these rooms so much fun. The debrief at the end was the best as our game-masters spent a good hour talking us through all the detailed aspects of…
11 August 2018
Escape Room Experience indoors
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Indoor things to do – Escape Room

What to do when the weather turns cold? Elude Escape Rooms are the perfect thing to experience.  They are indoors, so not effected by the cold or rain.  We take a group of friends, family or colleagues and take you through an escape room experience like no other. Having been greeted at Reception you are briefed on what to expect. …
Julia Billyard
28 May 2018
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