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Semaphore Cipher

You may not have heard of a semaphore before, but it is most often recognised in fields where technicians and workers communicate with flags (such as in the navy). Now, you might be wondering, how can this type of system make its way into games, puzzles and escape rooms? Well here’s a surprise: It’s not limited to flags! Everything from…
Julia Billyard
1 May 2021
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Cipher of the Month – Caesar Ciphers

Last time, we discussed one of the most classic ciphers that are found in many escape room games. But in this month’s installment, we’ll be covering a cipher that has literally been with us since ancient times. The Caesar Cipher The Emperor’s Biggest Secret As the name implies, the Caesar cipher was famously used by Julius Caesar during his military…
Julia Billyard
7 September 2020
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Cipher of the Month – Book Ciphers

One of the most exciting elements about an escape room experience is that it introduces people to the world of cryptography. After all, solving an escape room challenge is more than just about finding clues and hidden switches. Ciphers and secret codes also play major, if not pivotal, roles! In fact, whether you’ve encountered them in live escape rooms or…
Julia Billyard
9 August 2020
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