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Hello escapers! This edition is going to focus on hiding messages in plain (and not so plain) sight!

Basic, Easy, Tiny Acrostics

Here is the most basic acrostic to hide a code in:

That’s our acrostic, reading straight down, just the first letter of each word.
You could also have a telestitch, which is the last letter of each word:

Whack your code in the middle of your words, and you have created a mesostich:

Step this up a level in difficulty and make your message from the first AND last letter of your words for a double acrostic:

Be on the look out in Escape Rooms for weirdly assembled lists and check them for patterns.

Making Extra Details In Ulterior Motives

Indexing moves along the same lines as our basic acrostics above, but puts in some numbers to help chase down our desired letters. If we bring back our first acrostic, indexing shows us which number letter we need to focus on:

Pretty straight forward on that one. Let’s move it along. Time for some shopping. Or sports?

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Give Extra Twists Writing Really Inventive Text In Nifty Groups

To help everyone searching Escape Rooms, extra attention looks like your activities require effectively designed ideas from fantastic inventors, creating ultimately likeable teasers.

Advanced Level, Pretty Hard Acrostics

We can even hide our indexing numbers by showing multiple instances of the word we want. The number of times it appears can be the index number. Have a go at this one:

Codebreaking Relentlessly Actually Zaps You

Okay, gloves are off for this one. It’s a two-in one. Let us know your answer!

Calling help? Every coder knows the only possible plan is called try unconventional random efforts.

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