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Cipher Wheel

Traveller's Tales Hints

Click on the puzzles listed below for a hint.  Some puzzles have more than hint.  Start with A, then B …

Puzzle 1a

Complete the Dot to Dot.

Puzzle 1b

View the result from different angles.

Puzzle 2a

Fly upside down to get a related word.

Puzzle 3a

What do the three images have in common?

Puzzle 3b

What number do the three image have in common?

Puzzle 4a

Try writing the names of the objects.

Puzzle 4b

3 of the pictures are anagrams of each other.

Puzzle 5a

Use the decode wheel to translate the message.

Puzzle 5b

A letter on the outer wheel is changed to a letter on the inner wheel.

Start with the smaller words to see if you have the right alignment between the outer and inner wheel.

Puzzle 5c

Looking at the second row you have ‘X there for x = s

Puzzle 6a

You will need to decode puzzle 5 to get the instructions for this puzzle.

Puzzle 6b

Using your ruler from the pack which is with Puzzle 7 (make sure you have solved Puzzle 5 before cutting this up) Measure from A= Australia to B=Brazil to C=Canada etc.

Puzzle 7a

Cut out the 3 strips with letters on then.

Puzzle 7b

Double up the letters.

Puzzle 7c

Pair the same letters together to form a shape.

Puzzle 8a

There is a single number hidden in the picture.

Puzzle 9a

Country Dialling Hint

You might need a phone to help you with this one.

Puzzle 10a

Decipher each letter one at a time.

Puzzle 10b

The block letters are shown with their mirror image.

Cover the right half of each letter to read the word.

Puzzle 11a

Find the spelling mistakes.

Puzzle 11b

Use the incorrect letters to get your answer.

Puzzle 12a

Follow the rainbow.

Puzzle 12b

Spaces are not in the correct positions.

Puzzle 13a

The answer to Puzzle 12 will give you the instructions for this puzzle.

Puzzle 13b

Order the letters in the colours of the rainbow

Puzzle 13c

You might need to use your decipher wheel for this one.

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