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12 Puzzles of Christmas Hints

Watch the video to familiarise yourself with the 12 Days of Christmas song.


Click on the puzzles listed below for a hint.  Some puzzles have more than one hint.  Start with A, then B … The final hint will give you the answer.

Puzzle 1a - Partridge in a Pear Tree

Use the family tree to figure out who Rex’s, Aunty’s, Mother-in-Law’s, Granddaughters, Cousin’s Mother is.

Puzzle 1b - Partridge in a Pear Tree

1 - Partridge pear tree - hint 1b

Rex’s Parents are Ivy and Tom. Rex’s dad only has a brother therefore, Rex’s Aunty is his mum’s sister Liz.

Puzzle 1c - Partridge in a Pear Tree

1 - Partridge pear tree - hint 1c

Rex’s Aunty’s Mother-in-law would be Liz’s husband Dan’s mother, Ann

Puzzle 2a - Two Turtle Doves

Use a wide tip pen or marker to trace the path through the maze from start to finish.

Puzzle 2b - Two Turtle Doves

Can you read the words?

Puzzle 3a - Three French Hens

Work out in which parts of France Calais, Tours and Cannes are located.

Puzzle 3b - Three French Hens

Blue – ” I am from Southern France”
If Blue was from Southern France then they would lie, so not from Southern France.

Puzzle 3c - Three French Hens

As Blue can not be from the Southern France their statement is a lie which means they can not be from the north. Therefore, Blue is from Central France as they can lie or tell the truth

Puzzle 3d - Three French Hens

Red, “I am not from Central France”. As Blue is from Central France, this is True,
therefore, Red must be from Northern France.

Puzzle 3 - ANSWER - Part 1 - Three French Hens

Calais – Northern France
Tours – Central France
Cannes – Southern France

Puzzle 4a - Four Calling Birds

How many calling birds are there in the song?

Puzzle 4b - Four Calling Birds

Check the envelope for the missing bird.

Puzzle 4c - Four Calling Birds

Does the pattern on the berries look familiar?

Puzzle 4f - Four Calling Birds

The type of birds give you a clue on what to do with the number you decoded from the berries.

Puzzle 4 - ANSWER - Part 2 - Four Calling Birds

Voice mail from calling the number given in puzzle 4:

Well done on solving the calling birds.  Let’s move onto the Golden Rings

Cut out, fold and tape the Bon Bon

Hold with black answer line facing you,

Imagine turning the rings as follows;


Rotate ring 1 up 6 times

Rotate ring 2 down 5 times

Rotate ring 3 down 10 times

Rotate ring 4 up 5 times

Rotate ring 5 down 3 times

Puzzle 5a - Five Golden Rings

You need to complete puzzle 4 first in order to receive the instructions for this puzzle.

Puzzle 5b - Five Golden Rings

Fold and cut the puzzle like this to make a bon-bon:

5 - Bon bon

Puzzle 5c - Five Golden Rings

Hold the bon-bon so that the ‘Start’ arrows are facing you. Rotate as per the instructions from the voicemail (puzzle 4 – answer part 2). Note which letter is now facing you. Repeat the above for each ring.

Puzzle 5d - Five Golden Rings

The first letter of the answer is ‘C’

Puzzle 6a - Six Geese a Laying

First work out how many eggs make up the 4 layer pyramid.

Puzzle 6b - Six Geese a Laying

Next work out how many eggs each goose laid.

Puzzle 6c - Six Geese a Laying

Work out how many eggs there would be in a 7 layer pyramid.

Puzzle 6d - Six Geese a Laying

Knowing how many eggs one goose can lay, how many geese are needed for a 7 layer pyramid?

Puzzle 7a - Seven Swans a Swimming

Note the direction of the swans beaks.

Puzzle 7c - Seven Swans a Swimming

Do the snowflakes resemble a compass?

Puzzle 7d - Seven Swans a Swimming

Look at the snowflakes in the sky, each point represents a letter.

7 - Swans a swimming - hint 7d

Puzzle 8a - Eight Maids a Milking

40 cows divided by 8 maids = 5; therefore, 1 maid can milk 5 cows in 1hr

Puzzle 8b - Eight Maids a Milking

5 cows x 2 hrs = 10 cows; Therefore, 1 maid can milk 10 cows in 2 hrs

Puzzle 8 - ANSWER - Eight Maids a Milking

60 cows / 10 cows = 6 maids; You would need 6 maids to milk 60 cows in 2 hrs

Puzzle 9a - Nine Ladies Dancing

Download and print this link if you need another larger copy:

Download puzzle

Puzzle 9b - Nine Ladies Dancing

This puzzle is an adaptation of a ‘Code Word’ puzzle. Each dancing lady’s pose represents a different letter of the alphabet.

Puzzle 9c - Nine Ladies Dancing

Use the letters from ‘SCROOGE’ to add letters to identical dancers.

Puzzle 9d - Nine Ladies Dancing

Look at the ladies on the nutcracker ballet flyer for 2 more letters.

Puzzle 9e - Nine Ladies Dancing

Once you have completed the puzzle look see how many words are gifts from the song.


Click to watch the 12 Days of Christmas song.

Puzzle 10a - Ten Lords a Leaping

Cut out the leaping lords and fold so that they are standing up.

Puzzle 10b - Ten Lords a Leaping

Have you read the prologue for the ‘Lords-a-Leaping on the flyer for the nutcracker ballet?

Puzzle 10c - Ten Lords a Leaping

Set up Round 1 like this:

10 - Lords round 1

Puzzle 10f - Ten Lords a Leaping

Set-up Round 2 like this:

10 - Lords Round 2

Puzzle 10g - Ten Lords a Leaping

Add up the moves from Round 1 & Round 2 for your final answer

Puzzle 10 - FINAL ANSWER - Ten Lords a Leaping

Round 1 (8 moves) + Round 2 (15 moves) = 23

ANSWER = Twenty Three

Puzzle 11a - Eleven Pipers Piping

Follow the sound of the music from a piper to a note.

Puzzle 11b - Eleven Pipers Piping

Imaging the sound travels like water might help. 

Puzzle 11d - Eleven Pipers Piping

Have you noticed musical notes anywhere else in your pack?

Puzzle 11g - Eleven Pipers Piping

Do the notes from the pipers match up with the notes on the envelope?

Puzzle 11e - Eleven Pipers Piping

Count how many musical notes there are on the envelope.

Puzzle 11i - Eleven Pipers Piping

Once you have deciphered the notes solve the anagram to get your answer.

Puzzle 11 - FINAL ANSWER - Eleven Pipers Piping

The Final Answer = Jinglebells

Puzzle 12a - Twelve Drummers Drumming

Decipher the message on the drums of the drummers.

Puzzle 12b - Twelve Drummers Drumming

The drums tell you to “look up Flag Semaphore”.

ANSWER PAGE - Hint a - Gift List

This is your answer page – you will need to solve all 12 puzzles first.

ANSWER PAGE - Hint b - Gift List

The 12 months of the year represent the 12 puzzles.

ANSWER PAGE - Hint c - Gift List

Look at where the bells are positioned on each month.

ANSWER PAGE - Hint d - Gift List

EXAMPLE – February will give you the third letter of the answer from puzzle 2.

ANSWER PAGE - Hint e - Gift List

Once you have all 11 letters solve the anagram for you final answer.


Enter the final password into the web address shown in your welcome letter. Enter all letters in lowercase with no spaces.

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