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Team Building in the workplace
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How to Propose and Plan Your New Team Building Idea

All right, suppose you have run a couple team building activities for your employees and the results have been more-or-less satisfying. Everyone had fun but at the same time, you built up good camaraderie and everyone had a better idea on how to work together. Despite that, you also think that there is always room for improvement and you want…
Julia Billyard
11 August 2019
The Ecco Shoes Team Celebrating their Escape

Ecco Shoes Pacific

Ecco Shoes were up for a Challenge We were looking for a unique team building opportunity for a company outing. The Elude escape rooms provide a fantastic, challenging and fun team building exercise! We would definitely recommend this to anyone. There are several scenarios to choose to escape from. We tried both the "perpetual motion” room and the "framed” room.…
26 August 2018
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