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Elude MM- Robot Madness 10-Pack

Elude MM- Robot Madness 10-Pack
Elude MM- Robot Madness 10-Pack

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Elude MM- Robot Madness 10-Pack

Robot Madness 10 pack
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  • Description

This item includes 10 Robot Madness Mystery Mail packs which can be sent to 10 different locations.

Work together with the robots to reveal the passcode that will open the door. Great for at home/lockdown Birthday Parties

No mixed packs available, the multi pack means you have purchased 10 of the same pack. 

One (1) customised final answer page will be used for all 10 packs.

Notify your guests of a start date and time.

Recommend Host setup your preferred chat service eg: Zoom, Skype group for the players to get together to work on the pack.

Estimated Duration: Approx. 1 hour for Juniors

Recommended 8+

Includes Tracking postage Australia Wide 

Internet access required for the final answer.

Images shown are for display purposes only, as contents are printed double sided.

These are fun puzzle packs that are posted to your recipient, they have not idea you have sent them the gift, as it comes from Elude until they complete all the puzzles in the pack, enter the final code into a website, where we reveal the details you would like to include ie: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Thinking of you.  Whatever personal message you would like to leave the recipient.  You can also upload a photo or gift voucher at the end too.

Great fun puzzle pack, do as a family or on your own, at home puzzle pack at great alternative to a board game, lots of fun.  We can post them anywhere in the world.

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