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A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - Foul Play & Cabernet

A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - Foul Play & Cabernet
A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - Foul Play & Cabernet

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A Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - Foul Play & Cabernet

Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle
Age 15+
1000 pieces
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BEWARE! This jigsaw puzzle is different from the box cover – A Mystery Jigsaw Thriller with a Secret Puzzle Image.

Foul Play & Cabernet 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by BePuzzled…  these exciting mysteries have become a mainstay in any puzzle assortment.

Read the thrilling short story mystery containing everything you need to know about the wine, the winemaker and the wino.

Assemble the 1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle and sample the hidden evidence throughout “Foul Play & Cabernet.”  Beware! The Jigsaw Puzzle is different from the cover.

Solve “Foul Play & Cabernet” by piecing together clues from the story and puzzle.  If anyone criticises you for “cheating,” chalk it up to sour grapes.

ABOUT THE MYSTERY:  A classic mystery with a challenging twist.  As winemakers, Harry Bloom and Ernie Field were brilliant.  As partners, they were a disaster.  So different in body, mind and soul that it was a miracle they could produce anything, much less the best cabernet in Napa Valley.

Their arguments were as full-bodied as their finest vintage while their hatred for each other was fuelled by their love for one woman – Field’s wife, Darleen.

Read about the mystery fermenting at the Bloomfield winery: the sudden disappearance of Ernie Field, the testimony of Wino Joe and the local Sheriff’s suspicions.

Next, assemble the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle to discover the hidden clues.  Let your nose filter out the red herrings and solve “Foul Play and Cabernet”