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Santas Helpers

Santa's Helpers Hints

Click on the puzzles listed below for a hint. Some puzzle have more than one hint. Start with A, then B …. The final hint will give you the answer.

Puzzle 1 A - Christmas Baubles

Unscramble the letters in each of the baubles to make a word.

Puzzle 1 B - Christmas Baubles

Each bauble will tell you which letter to take from the created word.

Puzzle 1 C - Christmas Baubles

Form your final word using the letters selected from each of the words.

Puzzle 2 A - Snowman's Snowflakes

Count how many of each of the shapes you can see in the snowflakes.

Puzzle 2 B - Snowman's Snowflakes

Replace the shapes for their values in the sum at the bottom of the puzzle.

Puzzle 3 A - Christmas Holly

Match the holly with its identical pair and find the holly that does not have a pair.

Puzzle 3 B - Christmas Holly

PUZZLE 3B - Christmas Holly

For example: C and I are a pair

Puzzle 4 B - Santa's Presents

Puzzle 4b - santa

Ben and Mark’s presents must be one of the 3 presents that don’t have any red on them.

Neither of them is next to Chloe’s Present.

As Blake’s present is not next to Ben or Mark, Blake’s present must be the purple one.

Puzzle 4 C - Santa's Presents

Puzzle 4c - santas presents

Mia’s present is next to Chloe’s, therefore Mia’s present must be the blue box with the stars on it.

Mia’s Present is also next to the guitar, so the guitar must be in the green present.

Puzzle 4 D - Santa's Presents

Puzzle 4d - santas presents

The skates and the scooter are next to each other. As Chloe doesn’t like anything athletic the skates and the scooter can be either the white or purple present.

Puzzle 4 E - Santa's Presents

Puzzle 4e - Presents

The scooter is for a girl. Chloe doesn’t like anything athletic and Mia’s has the bike.

The scooter must therefore belong to Ellie.

This means the white present is the scooter for Ellie.

This makes the Skates belong to Blake.

As the scooter is not next to Mark’s present. Then Mark’s present must be the green one and Ben has the dark blue present.

Puzzle 4 - Santa's Presents - ANSWER

Puzzle 4 - Presents - ANSWER

As everyone has a present the Video Game must belong to Chloe

Puzzle 5 A - Chimney Maze

Follow the arrows around the chimney until you reach one of the stockings

Puzzle 6 A - Snowflake Sudoku

The rules of the game are simple: each of the nine blocks has to contain all the letters in the word ‘SNOWFLAKE’ within its squares. Each letter can only appear once in a row, column or box.

Puzzle 6 B - Snowflake Sudoku

Form an anagram of the letters in the blue outlined boxes to reveal your answer.

Puzzle 7 A - Christmas Tree

If viewed from above which image is correct

Puzzle 9 A - Snow Globe

Find as many Christmas related words as you can in the snow globe

Puzzle 9 B - Snow Globe

Use the leftover letters to form another Christmas related word.

Answer Page A

Find the pictures throughout each of the puzzles and look for a letter hidden in each of the pictures

Answer Page B

Example: Look for the teddy bear on puzzle 4. Can you see the letter “S” in his ear?

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