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Hint Page Robot

Robot Madness Hints

Click on the puzzles listed below for a hint.  Some puzzles have more than hint.  Start with A, then B … The final hint will give you the answer.

Puzzle 1a - Robot Power

Find the switch that is connected to the power plug.

Puzzle 3a - Robot Mix

  • Read each clue to cross out robots that are incorrect.

Puzzle 3b - Robot Mix

  • Work out which colour robot goes in which position

Puzzle 4a - Robot Cube

  • Don’t forget to count bottom row

Puzzle 4b - Robot Cube

  • Make sure you count the cube that connects his head to his body.

Puzzle 6a - Circuit Board

  • Follow the example, noting if each switch is on or off

Puzzle 6b - Circuit Board

  • If the switch is on then the line will be lit.
  • Add the lit lines to make a number.

Puzzle 7a - Bits and Pieces

  • Find and count the pieces on the table they are hidden in puzzles 1-7.

Puzzle 7b - Bits and Pieces

  • Make sure you include the pieces on the table when counting.

Puzzle 7c - Bits and Pieces

  • 5 = E because E is the fifth letter in the alphabet.
  • Figure out the letter for each of the pieces found.

Answer Page a

  • Each correct answer will give you a letter.
  • All the letters will make a word for your final answer.

Web Page

To solve the mystery, enter the word into the webpage printed on the letter.

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