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Enchanted Forest Hints

Click on the puzzles listed below for a hint. Some puzzle have more than one hint. Start with A, then B …. The final hint will give you the answer.

Puzzle 1 A - Unicorn's Anagram

C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     C _ _ _ _

Puzzle 2 A - Wings Rebus

Say out loud what each of the pictures represent.

Puzzle 3 A - Wizard's Word

  • You might need to take a step back to solve this puzzle

Puzzle 5 A- Dragon's Cogs

  • Find all the letters turning in the same direction as the arrow on the bottle (clockwise)

Puzzle 7 A - Griffin's Word Search

  • Find all the words in the word search

Puzzle 7 B - Griffin's Word Search

  • Highlight all of the letters remaining

Puzzle 7 C - Griffin's Word Search

  • Read from left to right

Answer Page A

The answers from puzzles 1-7 go here

Answer Page B

There is a different coloured bottle on each of your puzzles

Answer Page C

The letters highlighted in blue will spell out your final answer

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