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Between The Spreadsheets Hints

Click on the puzzles listed below for a hint.  Some puzzles have more than one hint.  Start with A, then B … The final hint will give you the answer.

Puzzle 1b

Pay close attention to the detail on each item.

Puzzle 2a

Position the words located on the left into the grid. All words fit in the down or across position. All words must be used.

Puzzle 2b

Look at the formula bar to see which squares will be included in your answer. This will help you with positioning some of your words.

Puzzle 2c

Puzzle 2_Excel_HintC

Each of the highlighted squares must have a letter in it.

Puzzle 2d

Once your grid has been completed, form an anagram of the letters in the highlighted squares to reveal your answer.

Puzzle 2e

The anagram is a single word in which all 14 letters are used. To check you have all the words in their correct places you can refer to ‘Puzzle 2 – ANSWER – PART 1’

Puzzle 2f

The word you are looking for starts with: AC_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

Puzzle 3d

Don’t forget to do your multiplications first.

Puzzle 4a

Decipher the text on the computer screen using the symbols on the keyboard.

Puzzle 4b

The symbols are placed on a QWERTY keyboard.

Puzzle 5a

Make sure you have solved puzzle 3 first to get the instructions for this puzzle.

Puzzle 5b

Add in the numbers as instructed in Puzzle 3.

Puzzle 5d

Puzzle 5_Pie Chart_HintD

There is a 2 located in the Social segment and in the Organic segment already. Therefore, a 2 is needed in the Direct segment. As the same numbers cannot be place in opposing segments the 2 cannot be placed in the blue section of the Direct segment. That leaves you with the green segment of the Direct segment.

Puzzle 6a

The different coloured dots correspond to each one of the employees.

Puzzle 6b

Find the letters that spell out each of the employees names.

Puzzle 6c

Now simply join the dots to spell out each of the employees names.

Puzzle 6d

Each name will give you a number.

Puzzle 6f

Make sure you order your four numbers in the same order as the employees names are written down the bottom.

Puzzle 7a

Did you notice that the drawers on the filing cabinet are jumbled up?

Puzzle 7b

Rearrange the filing cabinet drawers into alphabetical order.

Puzzle 7d

You may need scissors to help you with this puzzle.

Puzzle 8a

Puzzle 8_Pyramid Problem_HintA

Any section on a pyramid is supported by the two sections immediately below. The objective is to work out a formula involving the two base numbers, in order to reach the answer of the top number.

Puzzle 8c

Once you have determined ! add up the numbers from each row to determine their worth.

For example: 8 + 3 + 4 + 6 = 21. Therefore, Coffee = 21

Answer Page a

Take the selected number or letter from each puzzle and write them down in the yellow boxes to the right.

Answer Page b

Read the boxes from bottom to top to give a word.

Answer Page c

Note that some numbers look like letters.


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