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Robot Head

Perpetual Motion

A revolutionary breakthrough is set to change the course of history as a local engineer claims to have invented a Capacitor which enables cars to run on tap water.  Following the sudden disappearance of the engineer, police received a ransom note from kidnappers. The only chance of saving him is to recover the Capacitor before time runs out.

Difficulty: 4     Duration:  60 minutes

Suitable for 2 or more players.

Minimum of 1 Adult required in this room.

$ - Per Player60605555502 Adults +
4 Children
$ - Total120180220275300220

Mission Brief

Family Friendly Fun – Indoor Activity  – Suits all Ages – No experience required.

Children, Parents, Grandparents and friends get to combine their problem solving skills in a practical and interactive experience.
(children must be accompanied by a participating adult).

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