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Birthday Bash Envelope

Birthday Bash Hints

Click on the puzzles listed below for a hint.  Some puzzles have more than one hint.  Start with A, then B … The final hint will give you the answer.

Puzzle 1a

Find both pieces with number 1 on them to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle 2a

Does the money on the back of this puzzle help you?

Puzzle 2b

Look at the $20 note on the back of this puzzle, can you find one of the pictures from your equation?

Puzzle 2c

Do you have any spare AUS dollar notes lying around to figure out which symbols belong to each note? Or maybe try the internet.

Puzzle 2d

Replace the images in your equation for the values on the notes.

Puzzle 2e

Don’t forget to do your multiplications and divisions first.

Puzzle 3a

Unjumble the letters to form words.

Puzzle 3b

Figure out what all the words have in common to decipher the theme of the party.

Puzzle 5a - BBQ SCENE

Do you know your star signs?

Puzzle 5b - BBQ SCENE

Which Star sign is missing?

Puzzle 5e - BBQ SCENE

The solution from Puzzle 4 will help you decipher the month.

Puzzle 6a

Look at the clock to figure out the time at which the 2 candles were lit.

Puzzle 7a

puzzle 7_Rebus_hint a

Look at this example to see that the letters are not in order.

Puzzle 7b

Try starting with the letters that only appear in one word.

Puzzle 7c

puzzle 7_Rebus_hint c

The 3rd and 14th letters are present in other words, however, the 10th letter can only be found in eye.

Puzzle 8a

Make sure you have completed puzzle 12 before cutting up this puzzle.

Puzzle 8b

Cut out the two gold streamers.

Puzzle 8c

You may need to grab a pencil to solve this one.

Puzzle 8d

Wrap each of the streamers around the pencil to form a word.

Puzzle 10a

You will need your confetti balloons to solve this puzzle.

Puzzle 10b

Is there anything written on your confetti?

Puzzle 10d

Where else can you see balloons in your pack?

Puzzle 10e

The picture on the front of the birthday card will help you with this puzzle.

Puzzle 10f

Don’t forget to stop at every junction.

Puzzle 11a

To solve this puzzle use a mobile phone to scan the QR code on the back of the birthday card (if this is not possible go to hint 11b)

Puzzle 11c

Sound out what you can see in the video.

Puzzle 12a

Determine what values the “?” represent. There is an example of how the formula works on either end of the puzzle.

Puzzle 12b

Figure out how the 3 numbers around the edges equal to the number in the middle.

Puzzle 13a

Knowing your ABC’s will help you with this puzzle.

Puzzle 13d

Which letter is missing so that all the colours add up to the same value?

Puzzle 14a

Fill out the party invitation with the solutions from each of the puzzles.

Puzzle 14b

Did you notice that some of the letters are underlined in red?

Puzzle 14c

Don’t forget to RSVP to the party!!

Puzzle 14d

If you can’t get the link to work click the button below to RSVP.


Puzzle 15a

This puzzle may be easier to view on an IPad or computer screen

Puzzle 15b

Can you find the hidden coded letters in the video?

Puzzle 15c

Use the grid below the video to decipher the letters.

Puzzle 15e

Read the letters backwards to form a word.


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